The images contained in this section represent only a few of the thousands of rental costumes available at Gypsy Treasure.   Not all of the costumes available are pictured. 

 If there are no pictures in the costume category you are interested in, that does not mean we have no costumes in that category.  Not all images have been added to the site at this time.  We have costumes in all the listed categories, and even some in categories not listed.  We also have many, many more costumes in the categories that have costumes displayed.

Because we want your costuming experience to be enjoyable and your costume to fit and have the proper accessories, costume rentals are done IN-STORE ONLY. We do not rent costumes via the Internet or ship them from the store.  When necessary, costume rentals include basic alterations.   

Feel free to call us at (619) 466-2251 or (800) 466-0012, or stop by the store at 8119 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa, Ca., if you have questions about any of the costumes shown or the many others available.

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